Sleep Apnea is a very dangerous condition because if left untreated, it could even result in a heart attack or stroke.

Sleep apnea can happen to anybody at any age. It is more common among men but the statistic also includes women.

For some patients, it may be more of a nuisance than a disorder. They may feel uncomfortable during the night, being awakened from sleep repeatedly by loud snoring. But there are many other patients who have the disorder all night long, and the snoring may lead to nighttime bruxism, the clenching of the teeth caused by snoring.

This disorder, which comes with serious medical conditions, has been identified and studied for some time now. It has been found to be a cause of many health problems. People suffering from this sleep disorder lose up to eight hours of sleep per night.

In addition, this sleep disorder leads to several changes in the body. As a result, people suffering from this disorder feel fatigued throughout the day. Their eyes get irritated and dry as well.

Some people think that the dangers of this dangerous sleep disorder can be cured by a simple change in lifestyle. And they think that sleeping on their side, as opposed to their back, will alleviate their snoring problems.

But this change doesn’t address the inner ear problems, which will also occur if the condition of the inner ear is not addressed. The only way this change is going to work is if the patient has a blockage in his or her throat that is causing the problem.

Another important issue that must be addressed is the fact that sleep apnea, in its extreme form, can affect the oxygen supply to the brain. If the brain is deprived of the oxygen that it needs, it could develop severe headaches and dizziness.

The symptoms of sleep apnea can be quite frustrating, and if the patient has an opportunity to sleep with an open mouth, then he or she will not snore. However, if this doesn’t happen, then they can suffer from serious side effects like brain damage and memory loss.

The best way to deal with sleep apnea is to first get checked by a doctor. Once diagnosed, they can go to see a sleep specialist.

A specialist can deal with the serious health problems caused by sleep apnea. He or she can also put together a customized treatment plan for the patient, depending on the extent of the health problem that has been diagnosed.

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