In today’s market, anyone in business knows that advertising is the backbone to success, and without it, you are “dead in the water”. Even with the greatest product on the planet, a product that you know everyone needs and wants. Without advertising, it’s just an idea, going nowhere.

Whether you advertise online or offline, it can become a grueling and expensive experience, with no guarantees.

I’m sure that there is not a business out there that has ever done any kind of advertising, that hasn’t lost a bunch of money, advertising their hearts out.

Advertising is elusive. Excitement builds because you spend large amounts of money to place your ads, guaranteeing you lots of exposure, and sales through the roof. You think that you can’t miss, that this is the one that will work, and you bet your money on it.

Then you wait, and wait and wait, until you rely on that you have just poured your money down the drain, and got nothing but a bad headache, and a slightly lighter wallet, for your efforts.

So you pick yourself up and try again because you are not a quitter. You say to yourself that the next one has to be better. So you repeat the process once again, and again, always waiting for your “lucky break”.

Meanwhile, your pockets are slowly being emptied, and you don’t have any sales. Your “great business” is going down the drain alongside your hard-earned dollars.

We know that the one thing that everyone needs, is people! Well, not just people, but people interested in buying your products.

Sometimes that can be the hardest thing to find, no matter how much effort, time, and money you put into advertising.

There has to be a better way. After all, there are millions of people on the Internet making money right now, and they had to advertise their products to do it.

They must have heard about Jason Potash’s Article Announcer. It really is a treasure. We use it for our business and would be lost without it. It cuts our advertising time from weeks and even months down to a few hours a day, or every second day. Which most people who advertise online know, can be a very time-consuming, and daunting task, with few results.

The advertising that we have done, so far, is very cost-effective. We have spent zero, yes, that’s right, zero dollars on advertising so far, using this program. This does not mean to say that all your advertising will be free forever, but the choice is now in your ball court. We have full control over where, when, and how we advertise.

There are ways to get your products, and services out there without breaking the bank. You can target your adverts to the people who would be interested in buying from you, and want to buy from you, because your products or services are, “just what they were looking for”. It’s called Niche marketing and is becoming more and more popular all the time.

Random advertising is now considered less effective than niche marketing, and advertising through articles is now one of the hottest ways to advertise.

Make sure you check out the best ways for you to advertise your business so that you don’t lose your shirt. It can be a very fun, profitable, and easy experience, with the right tools.

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