Because of their medical advantages, adjustable beds have popularly been used in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical institutions.

But in the modern years, the industry of adjustable beds has extended from health care facilities into residential homes. You need not to be hospitalized to experience the comforts brought by an adjustable bed, you can actually reap its benefits by purchasing one for your own home.

An adjustable bed, as the name literally implies, is simply a bed, which could be adjusted. Such a bed can be modified to several various positions according to the needs of the occupant or user. Individuals who experience medical conditions such as spine problems usually need to assume certain positions when sleeping. For these people, adjustable beds provide them a more comfortable sleep by relieving strains and ensuring correct spinal alignment.

Adjustable beds can be inclined slightly to 30 to 45 degrees, a position where a person’s upper body is more elevated than his/her lower body. This position is also referred to as semi-fowler and is beneficial in reducing stress of the lower back, as well as improving circulation in both upper and lower extremities. Aside from changing adjustable beds into comfortable positions required by the sleeper, they can also be modified in a lying-down position to provide a more relaxing experience while watching TV or reading the newspaper.

There are two styles of adjustable beds available in the market. One is the standard adjustable bed and the other is a heavy-duty one. Both adjustable beds are composed of two parts: a base and a mattress. The mattress of an adjustable bed is specially designed to be more resistant to wear and tear issues and to fit the individual’s body structure. Adjustable rails are also provided on both sides in some adjustable beds.

There are several reasons why an adjustable bed is worth budgeting for. But then, to experience optimum rest and relaxation brought about by the use of such a bed, it is essential to consider the following factors before buying one.


Adjustable beds can be bought in similar sizes to those of traditional beds, except for king sizes. To create a ‘king size’ adjustable bed, two mattresses may be placed next to each other to allow more independent and individualized control for each user.


Different adjustable beds have various features available for you to select from. Usually, an adjustable bed comes with a wired hand control and a battery back-up. Other features can be added to further customize or personalize the bed according to the user’s preference and needs, such as heat and massage and wireless controls.

Sleep Surface

If you already have settled on the appropriate base and mattress for your adjustable bed, a Visco memory foam topper can be a great add-on. Such foam topper gives extra support and comfort because it can conform to the individual’s body curves, allowing an even distribution of pressure across the person’s back and sides instead of restricting on the hips, knees, and shoulders.

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