Acupuncture is traditional Chinese medicine, which uses thin needles inserted into certain body points to help in the relief of pain and also to encourage the body to heal. The needles are either heated or cooled using saltwater before insertion. The acupuncture therapy originated from China and was later adopted by Chinese people in various parts of the world.

The major benefits of acupuncture are that it can help to relieve back pain, lower blood pressure, improve digestion, ease chronic muscle aches and spasms, alleviate menstrual cramps, alleviate migraine headaches, stop asthma attacks, alleviate menstrual pain, reduce anxiety and help one feel better about oneself. This therapy has been practiced for many years in China and has also been adopted by many other countries.

There are various ways of administering the acupuncture. In fact, the exact way of inserting the needles varies according to the kind of pain and the size of the needle used.

The heat method is probably the most common way to insert the needles. It involves applying heat to the needle tip. However, some acupuncture clinics do not use heat as they believe that it can actually damage the sensitive tissues surrounding the target points. It is usually done by inserting the needle in the middle of the acupoints, then injecting cold water in the same place.

Some acupuncture clinics may use the heat method in order to help patients relieve their pain. By doing this, the needles do not need to be inserted in precise areas, which is important in the treatment process, thereby increasing the efficiency of the treatment.

The ability to numb the skin may also be necessary in order to insert the needles without causing any pain. Some needles have a heat factor that numbs the skin so that it is easier to insert the needles. In addition, some acupuncturists may use a vibrating needle that stimulates specific acupoints.

Some acupuncture needles have a spring effect in them, which allows the patient to have the sensation of having needles being inserted. The acupuncture needles are also able to be inserted in different positions. In order to achieve this, the patient has to lie on a special table so that the needles are able to reach the targeted acupoints.

Cold needles may also be used, although not as often as heated needles. These cold needles are inserted very slowly into the skin, which causes a cool sensation to the patient.

Generally, acupuncture clinics prefer to use these cold needles rather than hot needles. In addition, it is believed that adding heat will only be counterproductive as it may create more pain than is needed, resulting in a poor quality of acupuncture treatment.

The reason why the needles used in acupuncture are cooled with saltwater before insertion is because the needles are susceptible to puncture if the needle is inserted into a cold body part. It has also been discovered that even though the needle may be heated, the chemical reaction of the heat may still cause a flash burn, or even heat the needles beyond the point where they were inserted.

Although acupuncture may not be a completely natural way of relieving back pain, it has proven effective to some degree. However, it should be noted that patients should only visit an accredited acupuncture clinic in order to receive acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture is not one hundred percent safe, and there are many risks involved when undergoing treatment.

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