Facebook ads are really cheap compared to the competition, especially if you know how to run them. In this article, I will show you the cheap way to get your Facebook ads up and running.

Facebook has a dashboard that allows you to create your ad, so make sure you go over there first. Here you will find everything from options for the ad itself, the format of the ad, who to share it with, who to reach out to, etc.

Now you need to set your budget for the ad and decide how much you want to pay per click. This is how it works, if someone clicks on your ad and visits your site, then you will get paid. The click must be placed by someone on your website or within your page.

This is your budget and how much you want to spend on each ad. You can adjust this amount as needed to fit your needs. Facebook doesn’t give you any control over ad cost, but you can increase it by having your ads linked to a landing page.

These two tools are free and will allow you to test out what you have planned for your ads. Once you have the ad set up make sure that you will not accidentally delete it. Make sure you write down all the data that you get on the dashboard.

Another thing you should take note of is the tracking code of your ads. This code tracks when someone is clicking on your ads and on which pages they are going to. This is very useful if you are trying to track which keywords people are using for ad click and where they land on the page.

You can do this by recording who clicks on your ads and record the page they land on, so you can see how they found your page. With these details, you can see how well they are converting into sales.

Finally, do not forget to track the conversions on your ads. All you need to do is go into the Ads tab of the dashboard and add some conversion tracking codes.

All you need to do is enter in some bits of data that you want to track, for example, the title of the ad and what you want the ad to say. The tracking code should now appear on your ads and is automatically updated every time you update the ad.

To keep track of your conversions you can use other tracking tools like KISSmetrics. This is an excellent tool that will track your conversions very easily.

Now that you have been given all the information necessary to build a Facebook marketing campaign you can build up a list of interested prospects and start marketing your business. If you do this right you will never have to pay for Facebook advertising again.

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