Advising others to change career sounds very simple and a workable proposition. When it comes to us, it becomes one of the toughest decisions to implement. A career change needs a lot of mental preparation. If you have a family, that may get disrupted by your career change. The income may stop for some time. The decision itself may turn out to be the wrong one. It needs mental strength to change careers. Let us see what it requires.

A change of career shifts us from a comfort zone to a zone full of discomfort in the beginning. For a full-time production engineer, a change to a career as a human resources consultant may need a total about-turn, back to school, and learning new skills for the new job. Some people change careers so totally that it looks incredible. Let us talk about changes that can be done more smoothly. I am talking about learning a new career along with the old one and then shifting to the new career slowly. This process also requires mental strength, because it needs a lot of extra work.

The first barrier that one encounters while thinking of career change is- how did I get into the wrong career? What if my new decision also turns out to be wrong? What if I continue with my present career? Why should I change my career? Some of these questions need the head to answer and some questions are for the heart such as asking why did I choose the wrong career, to begin with, may involve damage to self-esteem, and acceptance of failure.

Before thinking of changing a career, one needs to do an analysis of life goals and deciding how the present career does not satisfy those goals. Only after deciding that something drastic needs to be done can one think about changing careers. One has to develop mental and emotional strength to undergo these changes and emerge a winner again.

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