Home remedies for hemorrhoids are definitely one of the most widely sought out items on the Internet. Hemorrhoids can be a life-altering condition, but there are countless people looking for safe and natural ways to cure hemorrhoids and prevent them from returning. The more information you have about hemorrhoids and home remedies, the better equipped you will be to make an informed decision.

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins located in the largest veins in the anal canal. When you constipate, that is pushing to the point of hemorrhoid swelling, you add pressure to the veins. This can cause irritation and inflammation and are, therefore, painful and uncomfortable.

While most home remedies for hemorrhoids focus on curing constipation, the overlying cause of hemorrhoids is constipation. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, your diet needs to include more fiber, like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Reducing your amount of processed foods will also help. In fact, eliminating all processed foods may not be healthy for you in general.

The best home remedies for hemorrhoids focus on treating the symptoms, rather than their root causes. So, instead of using home remedies to fix the underlying problem, it would be better to concentrate on the symptoms to combat the ailment.

One of the symptoms of hemorrhoids is anal sphincter muscle weakness. This makes it easy for your bowel movements to become stuck in the anus. By strengthening your anal sphincter muscle, you can treat hemorrhoids by preventing straining.

Avoid eating large meals or taking constipating laxatives and luxating aids because they both tend to cause diarrhea. Eat small frequent meals throughout the day, in the morning, and in the evening to alleviate pressure on your rectum.

The best home remedies for hemorrhoids are natural herbal topical creams that strengthen your anal sphincter muscles. These creams are non-abrasive and contain no harsh chemicals. They are available online, at your local health food store, or at your local pharmacy.

There are several home remedies for hemorrhoids that you can apply to your anus on a regular basis. A good quality, non-abrasive probiotic yogurt (avoid flavored yogurts), taken every day, will help keep your bowels clean. This will keep them clear and working properly.

Another good idea is to soak a tampon in some ice-cold water and insert it into your rectum. Do this several times a day. As a reminder, these home remedies for hemorrhoids should be applied every day, not just as a remedy for constipation.

To further ensure that your bowels stay as healthy as possible, take a stool softener daily. A lot of people prefer to take a stool softener regularly.

If you don’t feel comfortable trying one of the home remedies for hemorrhoids above, see your doctor. Your doctor can explain how you can safely use prescription medications to cure your hemorrhoids.

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